The female specific design in the range, although I’ve been loving riding mine, The Kassia has been a while in the making. Designed with Kassia Meador over the past 3 years refining and dialling these in.
A sleek narrow outline and running them nice and thinned out (Kassia rides 9’5 x 22 9/16 x 2 5/8) keeps them fast and sensitive, while also being super user friendly for smaller surfers.
A flattened rocker with a little tail kick, a subtle concave running through the front end to a very mellow rolled bottom with a rail band that comes way up almost meeting the deck which has just a small amount of crown and roll.
Highly comfortable at Malibu or a long running point as it is in some softer stuff, really stoked to be able to offer these.
Available from 8’10 - 9’10